24x36 Antidepressants for antidepressants

Anitdepressants For antidepressants

$ 150.00


Most of my art comes from a phrase or statement I read or hear, this one comes from a report I read about a antidepressant company targeting japan saying "they just don't know their depressed yet" and from an advert on TV for an antidepressant you take on top of an antidepressant. What a crazy world we live in. The idea is your not meant to be happy all the time and if you expect to grin from ear to ear 24/7 its a mask, trying to shield yourself from emotion is not living in my opinion

Because this piece contains splattered paint the effect is original on each, as such I will send you photos before I post.

This is a spray painted stencil on cotton canvas stretch over a wooden frame. Measuring 24” x 36” x 3/4”

Custom colors are available please feel free to contact me

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